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The Gull's history

The history of the Gull model dates back to 2010. The idea was to create the imitation of the bleak which also makes it possible to imitate its movement. I mainly use the spin fishing technique in flowing water, therefore the fake lure includes features which enables successful fishing in moving water. The artificial lure has been designed to swim in the water instead of fluttering. I have observed that bleak very often stand nearly motionless under the surface of the water and stay in one spot with little fin movements.

The result of the initial experiments has become an artificial lure which was then named Z9.


Back in 2010 it bore the brand name Z9



The products undergo continuous improvement and the experience gained over the years is incorporated in the wobbler. The result of various changes has become the current Gull 6.0 model. 



The wobbler is avaible in a floating and a slow floating verison. In addition to a 2 grams difference in weight there is a lot greater difference in their use.



The floating lure is specifically designed for retrieving fish which can be used in the upper layers of water submerging to a 1.5 metre depth. It can be ideally used for catching predatory fish that prey on bleak in flowing water with a stony bed. Besides the smooth retrive we can create a more interesting rod action by small flipping movements and by increasing or decreasing speed. Oftentimes these small changes lead to the long-awaited fish strike. Due to the features of the floating sinker the hook snagging is unlikely. If we stop the wobbler on seeing a snag, in most case it will get out of the snag. 




  • Length:                                     90 mm
  • Weight:                                     10 g
  • Hook: No.                                 6-4
  • Type:                                         floating
  • Running depth:                       0.4-1.5 m
  • Recommended species:       zander, asp, trout


The slow floating version is virtually a floating lure which stays in one spot. Personally it is one of my favourites as it enables the use of a variety of techniques. It can be used with a wider range of methods from flipping and jerking to the stop and go technique. The opportunities that floating provides can be best utilized in standing or flowing waters. The slow floating version is avaible in two colours and is equipped with a rattle capsule.



The Essence is in the details, these small differences might bring the result when the general techniques do not work. If everything works out fine and the fish bite then you do not think too much about things. However, these great catches are few and far between. You have to work hard to lure the fish into a strike and during these moments when there is no action occurs the question - how many catches you might have actually missed.



  • Length:                                     90 mm
  • Weight:                                     12 g
  • Hook: No.                                 6-4
  • Type:                                         suspending
  • Running depth:                       0.4 - 2 m
  • Recommended species:        pike, bass
  • Extra                                          rattle